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On my first driving lesson I was nervous. I was mainly afraid of crashing but more than anything just that I’d be a major disappointment at driving. Gareth was friendly and quick to alleviate my fears; his friendly and relaxed demeanour made me feel relaxed and less wound up about the fact that I would be driving a car for the first time.

When it came to the point where I had to drive, Gareth would tell me what I was to do, his instructions were very clearly stated and easy to understand; he was very good at making sure I fully understood all that was required of me, and why certain requirements were necessary,  and that I felt confident with carrying out my task.

Whenever I made a mistake, he would quickly reassure me and point out the positives of what I did and can do to counteract what I felt as a major mistake.  When I finished my lesson, I felt great; I was proud of myself and felt a lot more confident with the idea of being behind the wheel of a car; already I was very much looking forward to my next lesson.

Hannah McGinley, Stirling 



Gareth is the best driving instructor I have had. Since deciding to learn to drive I have had the tuition of a total of 4 driving instructors in Scotland. After realising the first was not for me; I decided to choose three local instructors and put them through their paces to decide which one I would be learning with.

Gareth outshone the other driving instructors. His keen eye meant that he picked up driving faults I had made when others did not. He has taught me efficient driving practices and has an excellent knowledge of the inner workings of an engine and the car as a whole so that any of my more technical questions were answered in such a way that I could grasp them without a technical knowledge base.

Gareth is a clear orator and is able to get to the point when instructing you. I never felt that I didn’t understand Gareth after asking for a clarification and, more importantly, I felt that I was a valued pupil whose driving advancement was more important than keeping to one driving lesson. Areas of weakness were targeted and hints and tips were suggested and then implemented over the course of my learning.

I give my wholehearted recommendation of Gareth Marchant as a driving instructor. Gareth is exceptionally good value for money and also offers bulk discounts when purchasing lessons. He tries to be flexible when booking lessons and also offers extra discounted rates if people are recommended to Gareth. Gareth is a highly approachable person and I look forward to taking my pass plus with him in the near future.

Phil Friston-Reilly, Stirling


Lucie Gee, Bridge of Allan

"Professionalism and approachability was the reason I chose Marchant School of Motoring.  Gareth is the perfect balance of patient, knowledgeable mentor and good friend.   Before, I was always nervous when behind the wheel however, after only four months of lessons the difference speaks for itself and I am getting more and more confident every lesson.  Also, Gareth’s approach to taking students through manoeuvres is refreshing and unique.  It’s obvious that instructing isn’t just a job for Gareth; he has a real and clear passion for what he does.  So, if you’re thinking about taking a re-fresher course or have never driven in your life then choosing Marchant School of Motoring will mean you will be in safe hands!"

Ian Buchanan, Stirling


"I highly recommend Gareth for anyone thinking of learning to drive in the Stirling area. From the first lesson it was immediately clear that he was very knowledgeable and highly experienced, and his friendly and very patient manner really put me at ease during lessons."

Lynne Wilson, Torbrex, on Driving Schools


"Firstly the level of professionalism with which Gareth approached every lesson was really comforting. I could tell this was not only his job but his passion. The attention to detail and his patient explanations of even my daftest questions really set me at ease and allowed me to develop at a good speed. I ended up passing after about 12 or 15 hour-and-a-half lessons. That was with next to no personal training time - I just learnt with Gareth. What is more, I have actually turned out a pretty good driver. After a couple of lessons, it becomes clear that Gareth has been doing this at the highest level for quite some time. His lessons are paced appropriately and always involve the right amount of practice and new techniques. His pricing is extremely competitive and always felt like exceptional value for money. With so many people offering driving lessons in and around Stirling, I was pleased that I managed to find the Marchant School of Motoring. Just as an additional, I got the distinct impression from other instructors and even the people at the test centre, that Gareth was an extremely popular and well thought of individual. That has to be a good thing!"

Sam Carpenter, Dunblane, on Stirling Directory


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